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Pregnant? What now?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

You are pregnant! Firstly congratulations!! But what now? Well first off get yourself registered with your GP or community midwife for your booking appointment. At this appointment they will ask you questions about you medical history & your health, do some tests including a blood test and arrange your first scan. You may be feeling very tired and suffering with morning sickness or nausea. For most, this tends to ease off as you move in to the second trimester, where you may find you have more energy.

You've waved goodbye to the first trimester, so you might be feeling ready to look into classes to help you prepare for birth and there couldn't be there a better time to be preparing for a new baby, with so many choices available. However it can make deciding what is best for you a little more tricky! Maybe you've heard about pregnancy yoga or hypnobirthing, or maybe you are thinking of a more traditional antenatal class? Do you attend alone or with your partner? When is the best time to start? So let's look at the options...

What classes are out there for pregnant people?

Remaining active whilst pregnant is really beneficial for your changing body. Pregnancy yoga can help you remain flexible, reduce stress & anxiety, encourage baby in to a good position for birth and even improve sleep.

Hypnobirthing will provide you with birth education, alongside the tools to remain calm and in control of your labour. It can help you overcome any fear or anxiety you may have about birth.

A more traditional antenatal class will provide you with all you need to know about birth physiology, including pain relief & possible interventions. Some will also include newborn sessions and infant feeding.

When working out what class is right for you, make sure you check out who is running it. What experience do they have? What qualifications do they hold? You may find some classes locally that are led by midwife or a doula.

Who do I attend with?

Including your birth partner in your birth preparation can be really beneficial, as it can help them to understand the birth process and provide them with lots of ways to support you in labour.

However, you may also enjoy a mums only class, where you can get to meet other local pregnant mums to be, helping you make connections for those middle of the night feeds!

When do I start?

Deciding on when is best to start is totally up to you and how you are feeling. Most classes are suitable from your second trimester (14 weeks) with some recommending attending from 28 weeks. Whenever you choose to start, make sure you give yourself time to practice.

Where do I find pregnancy classes in my local area?

Most providers will have websites, so a quick search on Google can help. Look for those with reviews, so you can hear how others found the classes. Have a look on Facebook and if you are in any community groups, ask for recommendations. Also ask friends & family who they used.

Here at Vicki Wilkinson - Birth & Baby, we offer a selection of classes to help you prepare, combining many of the elements above. If you are interested in a mums only yoga based movement & relaxation class then check out our Pregnancy Flow weekly class, which are held near Stowe, Buckingham.

If you would prefer to attend a class with your partner then our The Parent Course may be the one for you. This course will provide you with all you need to know about birth, infant feeding and newborn care.

Or maybe a one off workshop, like our Comfort Measures Workshop to give you the tools you need for labour.

All our classes are held at The Studio At Stowe and can be found here Daisy Classes in Buckingham

Whatever you choose, we wish you a confident, positive birth xx

Pregnant in Buckingham


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