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How to stay in control of your birth

When you think about your birth you may feel a little overwhelmed at times. Here are my top tips on how you can stay in control of your birth.

Know your stuff

Put simply, what do you need to know before your baby arrives? Here's a few pointers...

  • How your body births your baby

  • What you can do to support your birth including 

techniques to help you stay calm & relaxed

  • What your rights are in pregnancy & birth

  • Where you feel the most comfortable birthing your baby - labour ward/MLU/home.

And remember if you are planning a hospital birth, it doesn’t have to be your local one.

Create a birth plan

  • Create your birth plan in partnership with your birth partner that captures everything that is important to you.

  • When labour starts, make sure your midwife has taken the time to read it and understands your wishes.

  • Be sure to include any agreements made with your consultant/midwife in your notes & ensure your midwife has also read these.

  • Never arrive at hospital without a plan!! Even if it is just a few notes on your phone.

Prepare your birth partner

Your birth partner is such an important part of your birth experience. They should be knowledgeable of your birth choices and feel comfortable to advocate for you. Help them to feel ready by:

  • Co-creation your birth plan

  • Attending antenatal classes with you

  • Learning techniques to support you  i.e. breathing & massage

  • Understanding your birth rights

Use your B.R.A.I.N.

If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed by a possible decision, then keep asking questions. Using the BRAIN acronym will help you work through any decision in a logical manner.

B - what are the benefits to you & your baby

R - equally and most importantly, what are the risks

A - what else can you do. What alternatives can you try first such as movement.

I - what does your intuition tell you or perhaps use the internet to find out more

N - what if you just wait & do nothing for the time being

Don't be afraid of saying....

OF SAYING NO - you can say ‘no thank you’ to anything offered to you. You don’t need to justify your answer or explain your reasoning.

OF CHANGING YOUR MIND - you can change your mind at any point. Even if you agree to something i.e. induction, you can still change your mind 


OF SAYING YOU AREN’T HAPPY - if you are not happy with your care, at any point, then don’t be afraid to say so. You can ask for a different midwife/consultant, you can change hospitals, you can change where you plan to birth. Remember it’s your birth and 

your baby. 

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