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Shout about your positive birth!! (yep you have my permission)

Why is it that we feel having a wonderful birth experience is something we should hide away, for fear of upsetting others? Or that we were just lucky? Of course, it’s important we are empathetic & sensitive to others experiences but sharing your story can be really beneficial. Here’s why…

When we constantly listen or watch negative stories and events, the images we see & the way they may make us feel, begins to create negative associations within the subconscious. The amygdala which is located in the ‘old’ part of the brain, the limbic system, mainly controls fear. Constantly trying to keep us safe, it will decide what is ‘safe’ and what is ‘unsafe’. 

For example, if we watch lots of programmes about planes crashes, it may be likely that next time you fly you will be feeling anxious. That’s because you’ve trained your brain, inadvertently, to think flying is unsafe. As a result, your amygdala thinks you are in danger and triggers the freeze, fight or flight response to help you survive. 

So let’s take this back to birth. If we constantly hear stories of challenging births, our brains will file birth into the ‘unsafe’ folder. So when birth happens your amygdala recognises this as an ‘unsafe’ event, triggering the freeze, fight or flight response, which in turn releases the stress hormone adrenalin. Adrenalin, whilst hugely effective in dangerous situations, blocks the production of endorphins making your labour more uncomfortable. 

So what should you do when preparing for birth? Simply retrain your brain! Spend time visualising your birth, think about how it feels physically and emotionally. Seek out positive birth stories, use affirmations & listen to hypnobirthing scripts, creating new neural pathways. Feeling excited & confident about your birth is important & will help your brain moves birth into the ‘safe’ folder, resulting in a calmer & more comfortable birth. 

Finally, if you’ve had a positive birth - share it!! Shout it from the rooftops knowing it will help others change their view of birth. 

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