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The clocks are going back, how can I help my baby sleep?

The clocks are going back in the UK soon, which means we get an extra hour in bed right? Erm not when you have little ones, I am afraid!! It’s just an hour you might say, what’s the big deal? But from experience, I found the clocks going back so much worse than when they went forward. Sorry!!

Let’s start with the mornings. Your baby normally wakes up at 6am, this now becomes a lovely 5am start to the day. Fast forward to the end of the day, perhaps they normally go to bed around 7pm, but they are now tired at 6pm, so you now have a tired, grumpy baby who wants to go to bed. The lovely sleep routine you may have established has basically gone out of the window.

So is there anything you can you do?

  1. The first option is just to accept the new routine & ride with it. Which is totally fine, as for many babies, the impact of the clocks changing is short lived. I would recommend this option if you haven’t really got a clear routine established (which is absolutely ok) or your baby is still very young.

  2. Another option is to plan ahead. The week before the clocks change, start to move bed time forward by 15 mins each day, so that by the time the clocks do change your baby will have already adjusted their internal clock (i.e they are going to bed at 8pm with the view this will become 7pm when the clocks go back). With this option, you will need to also move nap times and possibly milk and meal times too. I would recommend this option for older babies and those with routines in place.

  3. Or finally, put your baby to bed 30 mins later the night the clocks change. However just a little word of warning this does not mean they will actually sleep 30 mins later the following morning. If this is your preferred option, then check out my top tips for ensuring baby is ready for sleep below.

What else can I do to help my baby sleep?

  1. Make sure you get your baby out in lots of fresh air the day before, so they are tired and ready for sleep.

  2. Ensure their room is dark, as the mornings may be a little lighter than before the clocks changed.

  3. Adjust your meal times accordingly.

  1. Make sure you are following a bedtime routine, creating a lovely relaxing & consistent routine for your baby will help to provide sleep cues for your baby.

  2. Go to bed early, just in case!

I hope this has helped, please do leave a comment & share with any other new parents you may know.

Vicki x


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